golferBe sure you understand our "No Show" and Rain Check policies.







No Show Policy

  • Cancellation or modification of your tee time can be made 36 hours prior to the day of play via the telephone reservation system. If you fail to show up for your tee time, if you did not cancel your reservation 36 hours prior to the day of play and if we are unable to sell your time, your account will be flagged as a “No Show.”
  • As a “No Show,” you will be charged the greens fee for each no show in your group. You or a member of your group will be responsible for paying this fee at check-in.
  • Failure to pay will result in the loss of the tee time reservation privileges to the golfer who booked the tee time. In the event that your entire group does not show up, you will be responsible for paying all the fees the next time you play.
  • If you incur a second “No Show” while there's still an outstanding balance on your account, your tee time reservation privileges will be suspended until the balance is paid in full.

Inclement Weather Conditions

  • If the golf course is officially closed for the day, you will not be flagged as a “No Show.”
  • If the weather is inclement, you are obligated to show up at the course or call to find out what determination has been made based on course conditions and use of carts. Otherwise, you will be flagged a “No Show” and will be charged.

Rain Check Policy 

If a golf course manager determines that a course is unplayable due to inclement weather or has suspended play due to hazardous conditions, rain checks may be issued upon request as follows. A golfer may elect to wait to determine if the course reopens or request a rain check.

  • If five or fewer holes are completed, players will be issued an 18-hole rain check                                                                                                   
  • If six through nine holes are completed, players will be issued a 9-hole rain check
  • No rain check will be issued after teeing off on the 10th hole
  • No rain check will be issued for pre-paid GOLFNOW customers
  • Rain checks will be issued only for greens fees and carts. Reservation fees are not refundable
  • All rain checks are valid only through December 31 of the current year
  • When redeeming the rain check, all customers will be responsible for any difference in fees due. If the amount is less than the rain check, value a new rain check will be issued for the balance


  • Golfers under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult golfer with golf pro approval.